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How is size affected by gravity and circulation? by Ramin
I thank from Vale who have helped me in making this blog. In my theory, gravity had increased from the past to now and will in future. I have described the relationship between the circulatory system and gravity and I have shown how the increasing gravity affects both animals and plants. I have also described how the evolution and changes in animals and plants against gravity increases from ...
Did dinosaurs evolve into crocodiles? by Random Scientist Inc.

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Does my copy of The Works of Flavius Josephus give me away?
by JSpencer - 2 hours ago
Glad to have you Ratshark 48. It helps to have people from different regions of the country and beyond. We get a lot of people who are convinced they have found dino eggs and even whole ...
by JSpencer - 2 hours ago
Has sanity left the building here?
by JSpencer - 2 hours ago
I think that Spinosaurus might win because of its arms and claws. Its claws were shaped like those of an eagle, and about 15 inches long. Not only that, its massive arms were backed by ...
by SMR - 3 hours ago
We need to stay more alert! :laugh:
by Dinosaurus rex - 5 hours ago
In New Brunswick, Canada, the found a small complete specimen of a nine inch shark, It is Ordovician in age and predates the previous oldest shark by 15 million years.
by Ratshark48 - 11 hours ago
Is anyone going to answer my first question in the near future? :cry:
by TaymA310 - 11 hours ago
Yutyrannis huali was a 30 foot tyrannosaurid covered in emu-like feathers up to eight inches in length. This tyrannosaur was from the lower cretaceous - 135 million years ago - almost ...
by Ratshark48 - 12 hours ago
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