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Saving the Paluxy River Sauropod - Tyrannosaur Chase by tzavecz
In the 1930's, a very unusual set of dinosaur tracks was discovered near Glen Rose in the Paluxy River region of Texas, USA. A number of unique things are associated with these tracks. Many of the early prints found are distorted and they raised questions in people's minds because they look like a "human's" footprint set in stone next to that of a dinosaur. The bed of tracks was finally uncovered and documented by paleontologists (Roland T. Bird) in the early 1940's and they uncovered a ...

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At the moment my tablet seems to be going on things I don't want to. Gosh its annoying!
by dinobird - 1 hour ago
New drawing of a New Zealand dinosaur.
by dinobird - 1 hour ago
Gus suddenly comes when I call "ducky ducky ducky". He learned so fast! He also can tell people apart.
by dinobird - 1 hour ago
You can guess, other wise it is kind of making it up :-)
by dinobird - 2 hours ago
Yeah, that diagram is off.
by Dinosaurus rex - 2 hours ago
So I guess Ceolophysis, the archeopteryx's won't be flying and they will be covered in jelly?
by dinobird - 3 hours ago
Club tailed, unbreakable armour of an ankylosaurus?
by dinobird - 3 hours ago
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