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How to preserve a fossil by JSpencer
One good way to preserve a fossil is to make a wash with wood glue and water. This works for porous, fragile materials. Get any wood glue that is not waterproof. The waterproof glues are different and will not mix or penetrate well. In a disposable cup mix a little water to some of the glue to make it into a thin paint consistency. Brush it over the entire surface and allow to dry for 12 ...
Still Scratching ... by Ratshark48

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What is the thin white sliver on its edge in the 3rd photograph? Is it a seashell? Is the piece relatively light or heavy? Is it hard or soft?
by tzavecz - 40 minutes ago
Suffice it to say both were, each in its own way(s) able to survive predation--enough of the time to survive as species--alongside Tyrannosaurus. Coeval sauropods were quite massive and ...
by starman - 52 minutes ago
You're welcome.:)
by starman - 56 minutes ago
I wish I could help you, I really do. It really is an annoying little blighter. I simply don't know. I just tried again one day and it was working again. There is good news however, in that ...
by Dinosir - 5 hours ago
It works fine. If a user was on say, 10, and I positively voted for them, then they'd be on 11, correct? If I then voted negatively, it'd go down to 9, past 10, which is where their rating ...
by Dinosir - 5 hours ago
how many periods of time were there? what were all of the time periods of earth's prehistoric history? how many?
by Guest - 8 hours ago
What will happen if dinosaur were 5x larger then normal size? Trex size of 5x 100ft tall, weight 7.5-9tons now 75,000-90,000lbs and 200ft long Trex abilities Jaw strength 13,000lbs now ...
by Gian94 - 9 hours ago
by Kman - 10 hours ago
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