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Debunking Steve Culbreth's "California Dinosaurs" by Carnoferox
A map of the Purisima Formation in California. Image from Boessenecker et al. (2014). Introduction Steve Culbreth was a former member of Dinosaur Home known for his unorthodox and controversial ideas regarding paleontology. He claimed to be ...
The Fatal, Second Blow by starman
One Allosaurus specimen has an unusual pathology. Its pubic "boot" has a cone shaped hole, and evidence for massive infection. Something fully penetrated the pubis from below, causing an opening which extends from the ventral surface to the ...

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I do not know why I can't sign in I didn't know what I did wrong
by Guest - 3 hours ago
Indeed I do.
by Dinosaurus rex - 7 hours ago
Theropod skeletal fossils tend to lay with their head & neck arched backwards. This is due to muscle contraction during rigamortis. This thing appears to have full skin, it's a mummy not ...
by tzavecz - 8 hours ago
Just saw you posted it was horn coral. Thank you!
by Kimber - 10 hours ago
What kind of gadget they use do anyone know the brand...thanks
by city hunter - 14 hours ago
That's probably more like it! I love finding those sort of things! Awesome any way you look at it:)
by Iexplore - 19 hours ago
I found this bone along the Fox River in Wisconsin. I rock hound in a few sandy areas along the bank and up against the woods. I have found many arrowheads, fossils, beads and pieces of ...
by Iexplore - 20 hours ago

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