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Forensic Paleo Biology: The Estuaries ; Then and Now by steveculbreth
The broad and shallow valleys that existed during the Mesozoic were habitat for an array of dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, and all else. The rivers and lagoons emptied into the sea. These lagoons and deltas were subject to the actions of the tide; ...
The Smartest Dinosaur by Random Scientist Inc.
Heavy debate surrounds the topic of dinosaur intelligence; as mentioned in my previous blog post, we will never know the true extent of the intelligence of any group of dinosaurs. If we had a time machine and were able to observe these creatures ...
Dinosaur intelligence by Random Scientist Inc.

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All theropods and dinosaurs were endothermic.
by Apex predator - 5 minutes ago
Paleontologist Dr. Rex wrote: Very Unintelligent: SauropodsTheir brains may have been miniscule relative to total mass but in an absolute sense they weren't so bad. In fact sauropods had ...
by starman - 1 hour ago
It's a cuttlefish fish velociraptor and snake.
by Apex predator - 7 hours ago
Megaladon was about 50 to 58 feet long. Leedsichthiis was about 40 to 50 feet long.
by Apex predator - 8 hours ago
Rhino rex.
by Apex predator - 9 hours ago
Tyrannotitan Length: 40 to 43 feet. Height: 18 to 19 feet tall. Weight: 6 to 8 tons. Weapons: powerful bite, strong arms,powerful tail. Disadvantages: slightly smaller, weaker arms. ...
by Apex predator - 9 hours ago
Here's excerpt from the FAQ: User ranks are an automatic way to rank users based upon their participation in the community. Each forum post or blog comment earns 1 point; each blog post ...
by JMD - 15 hours ago
Gian! Good to see you back Mosasaurus was up to 60 feet long and was actually not a dinosaur but an aquatic lizard.
by Kman - 15 hours ago
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