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Debunking Steve Culbreth's "California Dinosaurs" by Carnoferox
A map of the Purisima Formation in California. Image from Boessenecker et al. (2014). Introduction Steve Culbreth was a former member of Dinosaur Home known for his unorthodox and controversial ideas regarding paleontology. He claimed to be ...
The Fatal, Second Blow by starman
One Allosaurus specimen has an unusual pathology. Its pubic "boot" has a cone shaped hole, and evidence for massive infection. Something fully penetrated the pubis from below, causing an opening which extends from the ventral surface to the ...

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C is right.:)
by starman - 3 hours ago
I just knew I'd see that Rex-Fan would still be at it on another site as opposed to Scified XD.
by Spin0Rex - 14 hours ago
I have also found a bone like this in the river. Please do post if you find out what it is from. Thank you so much.
by Guest - 22 hours ago
No Soriatitan was EK. That leaves D. Btw I'm pretty sure, but not absolutely certain, that Laiyangosaurus lived a little later than Lythronax. Thanks for the effort.:)
by starman - 1 day ago
My kids and I dug up a weird rock... Very heavy. Looks like done dort of possible dinosaur move or big back molar tooth? Idk. Just curious?
by Amylynn1976 - 1 day ago
Recently found a strange rock,,,, I really think its sone sort of dinosaur bone? Or something like that. Attached pics any ideas? It's big, heavier than a normal rock, looks like a huge ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
I don't know what that is, but I would find a dinosaur expert to look at it. Nice find I have been looking in creeks where I live. I hope that's a dinosaur bone because I love in Ohio too.
by Jllosey - 1 day ago

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