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New Replicas by starman
I just got a couple of new dino figures and thought I'd do a quick blog post on them. Above, the Schleich Stegosaurus looks pretty realistic. The Battat Stegosaurus, while good, has plates which appear too small for the genus, and it has four ...
Dravidosaurus and Extinction by starman
In 1979, Yadagiri and Ayyasami described a new stegosaur, Dravidosaurus blanfordi, from the marine Trichinopoly group of southern India. What is particularly significant about this taxon is its age. Dravidosaurus was found in Coniacian sediments. ...

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Allo's skull is way better looking than torvo's
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
You don't think fish is meat??
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
Rajasaurus, skorpiovenator and ekrixinatosaurus.
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
Hi...whats the value of this fossil? And also have a meteorite...thx...karl http://www.dinosaurhome.com/images/fbfiles/images/I
by kamenske - 23 hours ago
Can anyone help me identify this bone? I found it in the Mississippi River near Dakota Minnesota. Thanks!
by Angelo - 1 day ago
Hello, I have had several rocks/possible fossils that I have not been able to ascertain whether they could be fossils or not. I only recently decided to investigate them and haven't had ...
by Drink800 - 1 day ago
One of them looks pretty interesting, but none of them are fossils.
by JMD - 2 days ago

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