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Dinosauria Obsoleta: Tetrapteryx Revisited by Carnoferox
Beebe's hypothetical stages of flight, with 1 being the Tetrapteryx. Fig. 11 from Beebe (1915). In the last installment of Dinosauria Obsoleta, I briefly discussed William Beebe's hypothetical Tetrapteryx (meaning "four-winged") stage in the ...
Sauropodomorph Size by Spinosaurus75 DinosaurFan
Sauropodomorph size is difficult to estimate given their usually fragmentary state of preservation. Sauropods are often preserved without their tails, so the margin of error in overall length estimates is high. Mass is calculated using the ...
Dinosaurs of Iowa by Carnoferox

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Torvosaurus and Saurophaganax, the two apex predators of the jurrasic! So who will win?? Torvosaurus-savage lizard 10meters, 4.5tons Saurophaganax-lizard eating master ...
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
Who do you think will win? Livyatan was a prehistoric whale 17.5m and 50t. Megalodon was a ancient shark 18m and 40t. Who Will Win? The whale? Or the shark?
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
My guess is D
by Dinobird Raptor - 4 hours ago
A. Borzongiin Gobi. B. Laiyang C. Alag Teg D. Tugrik
by starman - 5 hours ago
Can anybody else?
by starman - 5 hours ago
Yup, that's not a skull.
by Dinobird Raptor - 5 hours ago
What do you mean?
by Dinobird Raptor - 5 hours ago

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