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The Exciting World of Dinosaurs - 1965 by tzavecz
Sinclair Dinoland - New York World's Fair 1965 I thought you might find this amusing. It shows how the field has progressed since 1964, 1965 when these were exhibited at the New York Worlds Fair held in the Meadowlands. The Ball and Pillar from the fair is still there and was last used in the movie "Men in Black". A bit of fun! . . . .

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So many great ones. Probably "Clever Girl".
by Dinosaurus rex - 1 minute ago
:laugh: yes new at this wonderful hobby but at least I am at the point of knowing not all prehistorics are dinosaurs. I have some tips from wiki and will provide that tomorrow. But thanks ...
by Prospector - 5 minutes ago
The species with the longest survival and consist, almost static evolution of perfection is the Cockroach. As for bees, the belief that they cannot fly under the rules of physics is no ...
by tzavecz - 1 hour ago
17% Tyrannosaurus 16% Suchomimus 12% Giganotosaurus=Spinosaurus 9% Albertosaurus 7% Gorgosaurus=Deinocheirus 6% Daspletosaurus 4% Nothronychus 3% Therezino
by JMD - 1 hour ago
if i ripped off your head, you'd be dead. therefore, killing is achieved by ripping off heads.
by ThaAnonymousPerson - 1 hour ago
Sue and Wankel head closer to the shore. UCMP eagerly awaits them, jaws wide open and saliva oozing and dripping from them in anticipation. Sue and Wankel are both smaller than UCMP, quite ...
by Dinosir - 2 hours ago
Every living thing is related, from humans to bacteria;)
by Lord of the Spinosaurs - 4 hours ago
He knows nothing about dinos this is wat would happened spino kills them there wat a happy ending
by Haileyspino - 5 hours ago
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