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Geology of a Sycamore Quarry by Arctodus
Hey, all! Just a review of the quarry trip I went on this year, courtesy of the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art. Another Ordovician Period quarry, this time in Sycamore. The quarry doesn't have a name like Mulford Quarry does, but a company called "Vulcan" owns it, so it'll be addressed as Vulcan Quarry. The bedrock below the Sycamore area is made up of dolostone from the Ordovician and ...
Looking at "the big 4" by Hiphopananomus

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About 2 weeks ago I posted the question How did you get here and why did you stick around? in the forum. It was posted on almost all of our sites and many users, old and new joined this ...
by jade - 2 days ago
Don't mention it, I love to help others!:)
by Bigtooth267 - 2 minutes ago
Well, we all know that Spinosaurus gets his name because of a super long sail on the back of his spine. But what we don't know is if both genes possessed this sail. Here's my question, what ...
by Bigtooth267 - 5 minutes ago
Megalodon vs Livyatan Who Would Win?!! Two ferocious predators of the sea. A Giant Shark, or a Killer Sperm Whale?!!!
by Bigtooth267 - 20 minutes ago
I'd probably agree with those. I'd say those are good choices. I agree with you Hiphopananomus
by Bigtooth267 - 39 minutes ago
WOW! Is this me?! I was really immature back in the day!:mellow:
by Bigtooth267 - 1 hour ago
How about we all go to my thread? What do you say. It has to do with your perspective of the largest and deadliest Killers ever!
by Bigtooth267 - 1 hour ago
Oh, now it makes sense!
by Bigtooth267 - 2 hours ago
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