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Dino Profile: Utahraptor (Part 1) by Random Scientist Inc.
A few years ago, I published a series of blog posts on Utahraptor. Some of this research is now outdated and I felt the need to publish an updated version of my Utahraptor research. I then got an idea to compile data on other popular dinosaurs and ...
Dinosaur Eggs? Everyone finds dinosaur eggs! by tzavecz
How many times a week do people post new finds of dinosaur eggs? These are ENTEROLITHS. Colic by obstructing the colon They typically develop in horses that eat Alfalfa hay, are on sandy areas. Usually surgical removal but if small ...

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did trex hunt ankylosaurus did the trex rarely attack it or was it normal for the trex
by baryonex - 3 minutes ago
rhino vs hippo who will win in a fight they are both hard skinned are almost the same size
by baryonex - 5 minutes ago
nope he may have killed some but argentinosaurus was too large maybe if they were three trex they couldB)
by baryonex - 8 minutes ago
how do I put a picture for my profile I mean when i answer there is a picture of me
by baryonex - 11 minutes ago
hope this helps. i am not wicked computer savvy.. took me a minute how to figure this all out :) i appreciate your time and considerations. best regards Jaime ...
by jaime - 12 minutes ago
Your right, trike wins.
by Theropod - 17 minutes ago
if there wasnt enough food it did but not for long because he digestive system was created to digest vegetation too much meat will be hard to digest
by baryonex - 1 hour ago
oh sorry my bad
by baryonex - 1 hour ago
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