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Ornimegalonyx, the Giant Owl from Hell by Carnoferox
An Ornimegalonyx preying on a solenodon. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. "Ornimegalonyx had to have been the scourge and terror of most of the larger mammals of the Pleistocene of Cuba and the claws and mandibles of this bird would have ...
A Tribute to Vision by JMD
Hello all, Here is another blog of praise. Last time, I wrote about the amazing qualities of birds. This time, however, I'm not here to praise an animal group. Rather, I'm going to praise a sense- yes, something which indeed many animals share. ...
Nyasasaurus by Emmanuel Ansu

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Here are the blogs we have so far: Starman - http://www.dinosaurhome.com/dinosaur-toys-in-action-14707.html Carnoferox - http://www.dinosaurhome.com/chap-mei-dinosaurs-14768.html ...
by Vale - 2 days ago
What paleontologist, named after a circus owner, was sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History to find fossils?
by Vale - 28 minutes ago
As what I can see those don't look much like teeth I myself found some very interesting rocks was picking up some on a walk for my back yard and didn't realize what it looked like until I ...
by L.Ac - 45 minutes ago
Thank you! I was wondering could it also be a gar fish scale fossil?
by talkingrock - 3 hours ago
by Spinosaurus75 DinosaurFan - 4 hours ago
I agree with pseudo fossil. However, it's a really good one! Where did you find it?
by cthomp - 6 hours ago

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