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Who was Robert Hooke and how did he have a part in how we perceive life? by Hooke
Early Life July 18, 1635 - Cecily Hooke gives birth to Robert Hooke, making her and John Hooke first-time parents. While he was a sickly child at first, he came to enjoy making mechanical toys and models as well as painting. In 1653 Robert Hooke ...
Marine Deposits near Porter, Washington by Fossil Huntress
This specimen is from the massive, tuffaceous siltstone and sandstone that runs through the town of Porter on the east side of the road. The fossil-rich bedding planes are well-exposed with concretionary beds throughout. Collecting was possible in ...

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Could you give us an example of a re-formatted blog, like a before and after?
by Carnoferox - 14 hours ago
Believe it or not, this specimen (AMNH 5116) is most likely a Torosaurus latus. If you look closely at the frill, you can see where the fenestrae have been filled in with plaster and ...
by Carnoferox - 2 hours ago
That is a very interesting bone. I would definitely get it checked out by a local museum or university. If you share what river and in what area, we could look at the paleo history and ...
by Fossil Huntress - 6 hours ago
It's lovely. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
by Fossil Huntress - 6 hours ago
It's a concretion. There may be bits of something interesting inside, but definitely not a bivalve.
by Fossil Huntress - 6 hours ago
That is huge news! Thank you for posting.
by Fossil Huntress - 6 hours ago
I doubt it, considering Montana moss agates are only found in the Yellowstone area. However, there is another test you can perform to determine this for certain. Try shining a light through ...
by Carnoferox - 11 hours ago

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