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The struggle to survive and evolution of the Dromeaosauridae. By Klonke by Klonke
The dromeaosauridae were small to mid-sized feathered theropods. From tiny Microraptor to Utahraptor, these were successful theropods evolving from the early Cretaceous to the end of the Cretaceous period. This is 50 million years of evolution. ...
Tarbosaurus bataar by Klonke
Introduction During the late Campanian to early Maastrichtian stage of the Cretaceous, a fierce hunter appeared - Tarbosaurus bataar. Description Tarbosaurus was a very large Tyrannosaurid. T. bataar was around 10-12 meters long, 3.9-5.7 ...

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Deinonychus is extinct...
by ThaAnonymousPerson - 3 hours ago
dun dun duuuuuuuun!
by ThaAnonymousPerson - 3 hours ago
Um... good for you?
by ThaAnonymousPerson - 3 hours ago
New here and just wanted to see if anyone has any guesses what the heck this is. I found out on beach near a large ancient volcanic rock outcropping on the island of Grand Bahama in a very ...
by Jasvan70 - 5 hours ago
notjustrox wrote: Thanks for the advice but I didn't see anything at "fossil maxilla" that resembles my find. Chuck~ www.dinosaurhome.com/images/fbfiles/images/gallery_10481_1906_
by notjustrox - 8 hours ago
Not the answer I wanted to hear but nevertheless well appreciated. Chuck~
by aardvark1 - 10 hours ago
Wow,this post went a little different starting with Tyrannosaurus rex,then Guanlong wuacii and Yoshi.:blink: Dinosaurus rex,we state what we think about the Tyrannosaurs.:)
by Klonke - 10 hours ago
ThaAnonymousPerson wrote: What club?Atheism. :P
by JMD - 11 hours ago
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