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New Replicas by starman
I just got a couple of new dino figures and thought I'd do a quick blog post on them. Above, the Schleich Stegosaurus looks pretty realistic. The Battat Stegosaurus, while good, has plates which appear too small for the genus, and it has four ...
Dravidosaurus and Extinction by starman
In 1979, Yadagiri and Ayyasami described a new stegosaur, Dravidosaurus blanfordi, from the marine Trichinopoly group of southern India. What is particularly significant about this taxon is its age. Dravidosaurus was found in Coniacian sediments. ...

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Please tell me should I throw these away?i have no idea what I have been finding. http://www.dinosaurhome.com/images/fbfiles/images/IMG_40
by Guest - 16 hours ago
The genus name is actually Chinlestegophis, not Chilestegophis.
by Carnoferox - 20 hours ago
It could be a particularly large ironstone concretion.
by Carnoferox - 22 hours ago
Yes we are related to dinosaurs and share some of their genome as we do with all other living things. However, we are only very distantly related to them. The most recent common ancestor ...
by Carnoferox - 22 hours ago
Thanks to those who voted positively for my latest posts!
by starman - 1 day ago
I found this with some other fossils in runswick bay, whitby mainly annomite fossils. This one seems different and wondered if this could possibly be a dinosaur tooth? ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
eBay was probably selling a resin replica, not a real T. rex tooth. I've never even seen a real T. rex tooth for sale anywhere, and if they were for sale I'd suppose they'd be at least a ...
by JMD - 1 day ago

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