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Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
How many of you have seen that battle from Jurassic Park 3 and wondered if Spinosaurus really would have won? Today I will discuss the ...
by T.REX
Dravidosaurus and Extinction
In 1979, Yadagiri and Ayyasami described a new stegosaur, Dravidosaurus blanfordi, from the marine Trichinopoly group of southern India. What is particularly significant about this taxon is its ...
by starman
New Replicas
I just got a couple of new dino figures and thought I'd do a quick blog post on them. Above, the Schleich Stegosaurus looks pretty realistic. The Battat Stegosaurus, while good, has plates which ...
by starman
Largest known theropods
Is T.rex really the biggest land theropod? Is it really 10 tonnes? Newest contenders for largest theropod - some new contenders have only been unearthed in recent years. Siats meekroum The only ...
by Klonke
The Myth of 19th Century Pterodactyls
Picture this: It is somewhere in the American West sometime in the late 1800's. A group of weary and grizzled cowboys stand holding their rifles. They are posing in front of the side of a barn. ...
by Carnoferox
Utahraptor Research, Part 3: Weapons, diet, speed and agility
Hey, it's Random Scientist Inc. I have some more Utahraptor research to present. Weapons Utahraptor had many extremely dangerous weapons to use in combat. Its first weapon was its brain. ...
by Random Scientist Inc.
The Evolution of Alioramus
In 1976 Kurzanov described an unusual tyrannosaur from Nogoon Tsav. It appeared closely related to Tarbosaurus yet had features which set it apart, such as conspicuous bumps atop its snout, and a ...
by starman
How accurate is the new Spinosaurus reconstruction?
Reconstruction of Spinosaurus based on research recently published by Nizar Ibrahim et al. (courtesy Wikimedia Commons) You can find a link to the study I will be referencing here. The debate ...
by Random Scientist Inc.
What was the largest carnivorous dinosaur?
Down Under Ambush
Carcharodontosaurus Spinosaurus Aegypticus of Egypt, and potentially Spinosaurus Maroccanus (From Morocco), is currently estimated to be the largest theropod dinosaur to have ever lived, with ...
by Dinosir
Did you find a fossilized egg?
Troodon Nest with Eggs
Fossil eggs are rare and hard to identify particularly if they are removed from the ground you find them in. Many natural formations look like eggs. If they are found in place, then you should ...
by tzavecz
What Made T-Rex The "King"?
What has made T-Rex the "king?" Why do so many people say he's the most powerful dinosaur to have ever lived? Well, today I will tell you why so many people think T-rex is the "king" of the ...
by Souppedy Doup
The Spinosauridae Family
From the small Irritator to the huge Spinosaurus, we will talk about the dinosaurs in the Spinosauridae family. There are a total of 6 species of dinosaurs belonging to the Spinosauridae family. ...
by Hooke
The Smartest Dinosaur
Heavy debate surrounds the topic of dinosaur intelligence; as mentioned in my previous blog post, we will never know the true extent of the intelligence of any group of dinosaurs. If we had a time ...
by Random Scientist Inc.
Fossil Hunting in Minnesota
For all you fossil-hunters, fossil-sharers, or just anybody who wants to know about the geology of Minnesota.. I present to you.. Fossil Hunting In Minnesota! This is the link to an almost ...
by JMD
The Mysterious Valley, Chapter 1
Title Page1.jpg
Previous: Introduction Next: Chapter 2: The Sound of Thunder (Coming Soon) Special thanks to Zizabethrex and Dinosir for submitting characters. Character submissions are still open (PM me with ...
by Carnoferox
Giant Hadrosaurs
In late Cretaceous times, hadrosaurs flourished. Spreading over much of the world, they became numerous and diverse. Most were not very big. Inasmuch as "duckbills" owed their success to high sea ...
by starman
An Ephemeral Sauropod Defense
In their 2009 paper, A New Basal Sauropod Dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Niger and the early evolution of sauropods Remes et al describe Spinophorosaurus nigerensis and assess its affinities. ...
by starman
The Ostrich Mimics
Ornithomimisaurs were enigmatic dinosaurs. They first appear in southern Africa around the start of the cretaceous. But while the earliest taxon, Nqwebasaurus, lived far to the south in ...
by Emmanuel Ansu
Creature Feature #7: Tyrannotitan chubutensis
A mounted reconstruction of Tyrannotitan. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Clade: Dinosauria Order: Saurischia Suborder: ...
by Torvosaurus i.
Giant Caenagnathid
For some time, Iren Dabasu was the only place where a huge caenagnathid, Gigantoraptor, was known. The uniqueness of the discovery compounded the difficulty of dating Iren Dabasu, and made it seem ...
by starman
Shedding New Light on Dinosaur Coloration
Illustration of Anchiornis with color based on fossilized melanosomes. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Ever since the first dinosaur fossils were recognized in the early 19th century, many ...
by Carnoferox
The bite force of T. rex
Ever since the first T.rex skeleton was pulled from the ground, it was known that this animal had an incredibly high bite force (its head was over 1.5 meters long and filled with teeth some 6-13 ...
by Rex Fan 684
Death of a Paleontologist
A paleontologist of great renown has just passed away. Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska died on March 13, 2015. Considering her stature, it is disappointing her passing elicited no eulogy or comment on the ...
by starman
Dino Profile: Utahraptor (Part 1)
A few years ago, I published a series of blog posts on Utahraptor. Some of this research is now outdated and I felt the need to publish an updated version of my Utahraptor research. I then got an ...
by Random Scientist Inc.
Tyrannosaurus the Invasive Species
In The Phylogeny and Evolutionary history of Tyrannosauroid dinosaurs, Brusatte and Carr note that the terminal Cretaceous record of America is unusual. There was just one "tyrant" taxon present. ...
by starman
Small Dinosaurs
Not all dinosaurs were giants; so let's take a look at some of the smallest dinosaurs that ever existed. Compsognathus: ...
by T.REX
Clash of Past and Present: Series Finale
The Finale! First, a tribute to the past winners... Allosaurus- the terror of the Jurassic Defeated- Rhino Hippo- a short tempered brute Defeated- Utahraptor Tiger- the beautifully ...
by Rex Fan 684
Were dinosaurs made by human intelligence, or were humans made by dinosaur intelligence? birds ...
I have a good reason to believe that planet Earth used to be a black hole. It got plugged up by a god and now that god is making everything that we can see today. Earth has always allowed beauty to ...
by Heath
Were dinosaur bones hollow?
Tyrannosaurus rex at the University of California Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley
Some dinosaur bones were hollow inside and others were not. Depends upon the type of dinosaur and the type of bone. Birds are descendants of one branch of dinosaurs and birds have hollow ...
by tzavecz
Sinocoelurus: A Jurassic Spinosaur from China?
The four known teeth of Sinocoelurus. Image courtesy of Sinocoelurus fragilis was first described in 1942 by influential Chinese paleontologist Yang Zhongjian (commonly known in ...
by Carnoferox
Dinosaur communication part 1: Vocalizations
After seeing a forum post and a blog post about this topic, I thought I would create a blog post of my own. Since dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, we will never know for sure ...
by Random Scientist Inc.
Radioactivity in Dinosaur Fossils - Did radiation kill the dinosaurs?
WDC: Hadrosaur Exhibit
Radioactivity in Dinosaur Fossils - Did Gamma Rays Kill the Dinosaurs? link to original discussion A comment was posted by Red Clay to discuss the facts that some fossils contain radioactive ...
by tzavecz
Fate of an Allosaurus
In their 2005 paper, Evidence for Predator-Prey Relationships, Carpenter et al. noted damage to UMNH 10781, a proximal (or first) caudal vertebra of a big Allosaurus (estimated length 11m) from the ...
by starman
Utahraptor vs Terror Bird
I wrote this fight a while ago. It takes place in the Jurassic Park universe. Enjoy :) Utahraptor vs Terror Bird Utahraptor image By Ryanz720 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons ...
by Rex Fan 684
Creature Feature #1: Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
The holotype skull (AMNH 20135) of Andrewsarchus at the American Museum of Natural History. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: ...
by Torvosaurus i.
Clash of Aquatic Titans: Finale
The Finale! First, we kick of the finale with a tribute to the winners of this season. Pliosaurus- the T.rex of the deep Brygmophyseter- the devil whale Giant Orthocone- the armored giant ...
by Rex Fan 684
Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus rex 2
MODERATOR'S NOTE: This blog post is outdated and does not follow current site rules for Who vs. Who topics. Due to numerous community rule violations in the comment section, comments on this blog are ...
by Paleontologist Dr. Rex
What is a "Real" Debate?
So there are a TON of who vs. who threads on this site, and I find it somewhat annoying that half of the people debating aren't exactly debating. Take the Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex thread, for ...
by Souppedy Doup
Ten Obscure Dinosaurs
Not all dinosaurs are as well known as the Famous Four (Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus). Here are ten dinosaurs that you have probably never heard of: 1. Orthomerus dolloi ...
by Carnoferox
10 large Theropods you probably never heard of
Which theropod is this? Hello! In this list, I am going to list 10 large Theropods a lot of you probably have never heard of. So, let's get started.10-OxalaiaOxalaia was a Spinosaur and was ...
by Lord of the Spinosaurs

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