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Spinosaurids: The Largest Theropods (Chapter I) (Edition One) by Suchosaurine
Chapter I: Spinosauridae Overview Irritator challengri, a "normal spinosaurine" from South America. It notably has the typical build of a spinosaurid, with an elongated rostrum and large forearms. Illustrated by Fred Wierum. Spinosaurids ...
Theropods niches within the Morrison Formation by Suchosaurine
There is an unusual amount of theropods known from the Morrison, and several have evolved to take on ecological niches within their environment. The "Apex" Predators Two theropods that are known for having either evidence for actively hunting ...

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Ok, I just wanted to check, I'll ask him in the morning when he wakes up.
by Suchosaurine - 12 minutes ago
Bahariasaurus ingens, a massive megaraptoran that lived in Saharan Africa circa 100 mya. Bahariasaurus ingens is a mysterious theropod that lived with several large theropods such as ...
by Suchosaurine - 36 minutes ago
Oh, then it’s likely a Cenozoic mammal joint.
by Suchosaurine - 4 hours ago
Everyone, please welcome Dynamosaurus to Dinosaur Home! I came across him on YouTube and he seemed like a good guy, so I invited him here!
by Suchosaurine - 6 hours ago
There was likely an abundance of watery areas globally.
by Suchosaurine - 13 hours ago
Then I contradicted my first statement, as I said that Tarbosaurus lived in the early Maastrichtian.
by Suchosaurine - 18 hours ago
Looks like fossilized coral to me.
by Suchosaurine - 1 day ago

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