Predatory Life Of Spinosaurids


Spinosaurids probably were bear analogues, minus the foraging for berries and whatnot. I doubt they’d have hunted for plesiosaurs and other large aquatic creatures, as Spinosaurus would’ve been totally out of it’s element in the sea. I imagine they lived on floodplains, fishing in the freshwater but not venturing into the saltwater. I think that all carnivorous dinosaurs would’ve fished to an extent, all at varying degrees, for the high traces of iron. Members of the Spinosauridae seem to have taken it to the next level. I don’t think it could’ve waited in rivers for pterosaurs, for a couple of reasons, it’s head would have to be exposed, so as it can respire, and it would either have to be vertical, or expose it’s sail. The odds of catching one while on land are even more remote, so I’m assuming they only feasted upon pterosaurs every once in a blue moon. There weren’t exactly large, anyways, certainly not enough to sustain something of Spinosaurus’ size. As for other dinosaurs, I doubt it would’ve had much hope of killing them, either. The carnivores posed their own threat, with it’s low build it likely couldn’t have reached sauropods, and hadrosaurs would likely outpace it, Spinosaurus wasn’t exactly built for a fully terrestrial lifestyle. Unless they happened to wander upon one another, I doubt it would’ve attacked another dino. Carrion, potentially.

I’d say this:

  • 85% Fish
  • 10% Carrion
  • 3% Dinosaurs
  • 2% Pterosaurs

Their specialisation and inability to adapt was probably what led to the downfall of the Spinosaurids- When droughts occurred, what did they eat?

Image By Doc Strangepork (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Vale: Is there any fossil evidence that spinosaurs ate anything besides fish and carrion?
  • Suchosaurine: There was a pterosaur from South America found in an Irritator’s digestive tract, and a juvenile Iguanodon was found in a Baryonyx’s digestive tract.
  • Vale: Thanks :)

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